PS Tuitorial: How to get hexadecimal value of a desired color from web

When ever you find some color admirable and want to know the hexadecimal value of that color, follow these simple steps.

Copy the image that attracted you and open it with photoshop("i like to call it PS").

Select the Eyedropper-Tool(shortcut key: i) from tool box.[Note: this Eyedropper-Tool works same as that of MS Paint's Eyedropper-Tool. ]

Click on the image and choose the color that you like using the eyedropper. The choosen color will be visible as foreground color.

Now click on the foreground color and you can see Color-Picker-Window. On this window you can see the RBG and hexadecimal value[here #3B4FA8] of the color.

 CONGRATULATION !!! you got the hexadecimal value of your required color.

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